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Art in Stages

I am Diane Smith, a Pencil Artist. I welcome you to my online creative home, LeadWorks.

I love creating Art, but I also love sharing and promoting Art, and so LeadWorks was created as both a personal portfolio of my main passion, Pencil Portraits and also as a place to bring out the Creative in others. Be it by inspiration or learning, my aim is not only to have LeadWorks serve me, but my guests as well. Let the Creativity flow!

So please, come on in, relax and poke your nose around...I hope you will find something to spark your interest!
Points of interest

Artwork! Of course there is Artwork to be seen! But what else? On this site you will find information! Ok, not as exciting, but crucial to ordering and working with me on Your Vision.

LeadWorks Blog!
• Technique, written how-to for arts and crafts projects with photos, video tutorials, seasonal crafts, Discussions on art materials and tools, and much much more...
• Other bits and pieces of things that I cannot seem to stop myself from posting when they fall under my many varied interests! Homesteading, being green, saving money, quick fixes or decor...

Art Lessons: Status: Removed.
Now that I have Facebook, Blogworks, and the main site complete, commissions in progress and my own video production going I realize that I've overloaded my plate! If you are interested in learning, send me an email. I'm always glad to give pointers to aspiring Artists.

Join me at dsleadworks, my Facebook Page. Status: Fully Operational

• Like my Leadworks Facebook page and see:

• Drawings as I work on them, craft or other Art projects.
• The complete portfolio of all my Graphite work (old and new), Un-Leaded Works and picture snapshots in the photo albums.
• Postings of current news, video updates.
• Spot lights on other fabulous art finds, Artists or Art Associations.
• LeadWorks Recycled Art Spotlights!
• LeadWorks News and my BlogWorks News.

Art in Stages (AIS):
• See the works come to life in progression captures. The Art in Stages Gallery is hosted at LeadWorks on Facebook and also on BlogWorks.
Join me for instructional how-to videos, on Arts and Crafts topics. Step by step, easy to follow videos on interesting and cool projects to help your creativity flow! Watch for seasonal specials, guest pieces and even some house and home projects!
What's new at LeadWorks?
A Glimpse at January 2013:
•Recycled Spotlight moved to Facebook.com/dsleadworks
•Photo Restorations: Lynn, Tigra Complete
•Reorganizing Facebook Accounts, Leadworks.ca and BlogWorks.
•Lighthouse Drawing: In Concept Stage.
•Gears Drawing: Concepts complete.
•LeadWorks Atelier account created.
Blog News
Welcome to LeadWorks!
Catch up on what's happening at BlogWorks by visiting the blog or on the LeadWorks Facebook Page. (You will be leaving this site.)
Points of Interest
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